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I am Stadicus, author of the original RaspiBolt guide and I’ve got some news. AMA on Nov 11th 1-2pm UTC [crosspost] : Bitcoin


Hey, I’m Stadicus, the original author of the RaspiBolt guide.

Bio: I’m an IT engineer, working in the Bitcoin space for some time. I love tinkering and also built other small things like the Lightning Flashbox. Currently, as a co-founder of Shift Crypto, I focus mainly on Bitcoin security hardware, like our BitBox02 hardware wallet.

Announcement: The RaspiBolt guide is quite outdated, as I did not find the time to keep up with all the changes and new features as the sole maintainer. This is why I transferred the guide to the RaspiBolt organization on GitHub, with the goal to enable others (you?) to contribute more directly.

Proof of whatever 🙂

It’s awesome that there’s a Subreddit with raspibolters now. To kickstart the open collaboration with other maintainers on the next version of the guide, I’d like to know what questions you have regarding the RaspiBolt or myself.


November 11th, 1pm UTC (2pm CET, 9am EST)

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