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I just spotted a new scam website that provides a fake electrum wallet : litecoin


electrum-ltc.net is a fake website created in august 2021.the original website is electrum-ltc.org as far as i know. it is created in 2014.in my concerns about download verification i wanted to search for the latest fake electrum-ltc websites. so i went to the bing.com search engine who always provides the users with semi professional fake websites and i typed electrum ltc in the search engine. i found the fake website electrum-ltc.net . the first thing that seemed off was that they provided the electrum-ltc-4.1.5 version. meanwhile electrum-ltc.org is still at version however i still downloaded the fake 4.1.5 version from the fake .net website and the provided signature. i used kleopatra and tried to confirm the signature for the 4.1.5 wallet with Adrian Gallaghers public key (thrasher@addictionsoftware.com FE33 4887 7809 386C). it said in red: the signature is invalid. bad signature (screenshot attached). i wanted to look if the fake website was so smart to at least create a fake public key for thrasher, but they didnt. when i clicked on the thrasher public key link i was sent to a website that said error, out of service atm or something like that (screenshot attached).

so proofing the signature was the most helpful thing to do when verifying electrum-ltc downloads. i also check on who.is to see when the fake website was created and it is kinda new, which is also a red flag when concerning about fake websites.

to roundup my fake website test i went to electrumltc.org , from which we all know that it is a dangerous fake website, who used to be very high in bing.coms search ranking. i downloaded the malicious electrum version and tried to check the signature, so i clicked on the signature link provided. the link send me to electrum-ltc.org. i saved the provided signature and its name is electrum-ltc- so obviously i could not verify the downloaded malware because kleopatra couldnt even check the malware, because even the name of the signature was wrong. after changing the name of the downloaded signature to match the downloaded malware i again tried to verify the download with kleopatra and it said invalid signature: bad signature in red. i also check the who.is of the fraudulent electrumltc.org and saw that it is created in 2017, which is another red flag.

if you guys have any advice on verifying downloads even better, pls let me know. 🙂

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