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I’m now a crypto half-millionaire! : Bitcoin


After the new ATH my crypto portfolio has finally passed the half million mark! I have nobody to share this news with since I keep my finances private so figured I’d celebrate it with you all!

I originally started buying small amounts of BTC back in 2014 (big thanks to discovering this subreddit and researching how it worked) and told all my friends about it telling them they should buy small amounts and they all thought I was crazy. I was pretty broke and could only afford about $50/week here and there and my original investment was somewhere in the ballpark of $4-5k.

Then I cashed out half of my winnings back in 2017 around the height of that bubble and started reinvesting in 2018. My friends once again thought I was crazy.

Now my friends are jealous and they think I might own “one whole bitcoin” and they’ve started to only buy some now out of FOMO. It took a lot of discipline and diamond hands to hodl all this time but I’m glad I did. I’m only 30 so I still plan to stay in BTC/ETH for the long-haul and only cash out some when I need money for the down payment on a home.

Cheers to the new ATH and many more to come!

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