Impossible Finance Ico Review: Reimagining Decentralized Finance

Impossible Finance Ico Review: Reimagining Decentralized Finance


About Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform which offers a robust product-first ecosystem that supports top-tier blockchain projects to targeted user audiences. Join the Community. Inclusive financial instruments via DeFi Impossible Finance uses decentralised financial protocols to give everyone the same access to financial products, which were previously only available to institutions and select individuals.

Swap Bye bye complicated interfaces. You have token A and want B? Select, click, confirm, that’s it. Add Liquidity  Earn fees by adding say tokens A and B. Anyone who swaps between them pays you a fee. Stake to get Rewards  Show proof of liquidity (staking) to supercharge earnings in the form of IF token rewards.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Impossible Finance
Token SymbolIF
Token TypeERC20
Role Of TokenUTILITY
Market Cap$34,29M
Max Supply7,53M – 7,53M
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Impossible is redefining the Launchpad experience

Curated Projects

Get access to top projects’ IDOs across many sectors such as DeFi, DEXes, NFTs, and infrastructure via the Impossible Launchpad.


No more jumping through endless hoops to get tiny allocations. Impossible Finance believe in a fair sale and equal rights for all users, big or small.

Seamless Decentralization

Enjoy a fluid, hassle-free sale experience – we’ve taken the best user flows and built it on top of decentralized architecture (even identity verification)

How to use IF Swap?

In this article, they are going to teach you how to use the Swap in Impossible Finance Ico, step-by-step. 

They will be using IF & BUSD as the pair for this guide, but you can change this to whichever pair you desire.

  • Step-by-step guide:
    • Step 1: Connect your Wallet to Impossible Finance
    • Step 2: Select your desired pair (Ex. IF Token & BNB)
    • Step 3: Select your Transaction Settings
    • Step 4: Click in “Approve” & Approve also in your Wallet
    • Step 5: Click in “Swap” & Confirm the Transaction


Any liquidity added and shown here is native to Impossible. LP tokens from other platforms like Pancake is not reflected here, please go to the respective platform to view your LP tokens.

Adding liquidity will give you LP tokens that earns you fees proportional to your share when a swap between the pair is made. You can remove liquidity any time.

You can stake these LP tokens received when you add liquidity to earn rewards (often much more than fees).

What is IF Token?

IF Token is the core Impossible Finance ecosystem governance token. With it, users enjoy fee rebates on the Swap product. Besides this, IF Token will also allow users to influence the future of Impossible Finance by providing them with voting power on the ecosystem roadmap.

We’re constantly pushing the envelope for DeFi


Safety is paramount in defi. From layered security checks, composable code, and multiple audits and bug bounty programs, they take all possible precautions to earn users’ trust.

Easy Execution

Enjoy high capital efficiency, minimal slippage and low fees with our xybk liquidity pool design to ensure best-in-class pricing to swap anything, anytime.


Low Fees

Impossible Finance make DeFi more accessible and inclusive by prioritizing low fees and gas-efficient smart contracts in technical architecture design.

Projects are the users too


With the B2D (business to developers) model, they incubate projects at any stage of development by offering value add not limited to: tokenomics advisory, marketing, auditing.

Raise smarter

Launch to engaged, targeted audiences via the whitelisting and launchpad staking mechanisms.


Impossible Finance Ico help projects expand their user bases and widen their product offerings to the multichain world.


Not All The Websites Which Listed In Top List Are 100% Safe To Use Or Investment. We Do Not Promote Any Of Those. Due Diligence Is Your Own Responsibility. You Should Never Make An Investment In An Online Program With Money You Aren’t Prepared To Lose. Make Sure To Research The Website. So Please Take Care Of Your Investments. And Be On The Safe Site And Avoid Much Losing Online.

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