Known Monero Attack List

Known Monero Attack List


  • The XMR Spam Attack. 424 known accounts, 25 subreddits, and 13,280 spam comments1])
  • XMR is (one of) most shorted crypto2])
  • 625,000$ bounty for de-anonymizing Monero (and lightning network)3]) afterwards chain analysis wins bounty for nothing. 4])
  • Failed Monero sybil attack5])
  • Another failed tracking project "Monero badcaca"6])
  • Binance's suspended and suspends XMR withdrawals for many times[7] [8] [9] [10]
  • Mastercard owned Ciphertrace claims "enhanced monero tracing capabilities"11]) which are (probably) don't work according to latest Europol leaks. can't give source for leaks])


  • Kraken to delist XMR for UK customers12])
  • Shapeshift XMR delist 13])
  • Bithumb XMR delist 14])
  • Bittrex privacy coins delist including XMR15])
  • Exchanges in South Korea delisted privacy coins including XMR 16])


  • Upcoming India's privacy coins regulations.17])
  • EU wants full transparency for cryptos.18])
  • ‘We are at war’ with crypto, says Turkish President Erdoğan19])

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