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Numerous cryptocurrency exchanges provide fiat onramps for clients all over the world. One notably absent currency is the Pound Sterling, albeit Kraken is offering extra options in this regard. 

It is crucial for any cryptocurrency trading platform to cater to users from all over the world.

Kraken Expands its GBP Options

Albeit the UK is in a tough spot politics-wise, the residents are still keen on Bitcoin and altcoins in 2019. 

Kraken acknowledges there is a big market waiting to be tapped.

Although the company already had GBP support, the company decided to expand upon its available offerings. 

Two new GBP funding methods have beenintroducedby the Kraken team last week.

Exchange users can now fund their accounts using UK’s Faster Payments Service or the CHAPS network.

The first option is cheaper, whereas the CHAPS offering is primarily designed to accommodate larger funds transfers. 

Both of these new options are also accessible to users looking to withdraw funds from Kraken accordingly. 

It is worth noting the company only offersGBPsupport for Bitcoin and Ethereum at this time.

All of the other currencies supported by Kraken can be converted to either BTC or ETH, and then cashed out in GBP if need be.

All of the existing GBP-related services will remain available to clients across the UK.


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