LATOKEN lists Bitway, BitMinutes, Captive, ANW, MegaLTR, Monnos

LATOKEN continues to add new tokens to the exchange. Here is what’s new: Bitway, BitMinutes, Captive (CAPCT, CAPCN), Anchor Neural World.

We’ve also started the IEO of MegaLTR, Monnos and are preparing to launch the IEO of Karuschain (whitelisting is opened).

Bitway (WAY)

Bitway is a cryptocurrency integrated with an advanced hydropower Bitcoin mining network and automatic monthly payouts in Ethereum. Bitway tokens are a lucrative investment with an excellent strategy to increase the value of the assets with substantial monthly returns.

BitMinutes (BMT)

BitMinutes are prepaid cellphone minutes that are designed to collateralize micro-loans for over 2 billion consumers in 70 countries. Micro-loans are too small, and unprofitable for banks, so consumers pay 80–100% interest rates. BitMinutes’​ ability to support small financial transactions profitably turns any corner retailer into a corner banker in a Trusted Agent Network (TAN), offering micro-loans at 50% discount to current rates. Network marketing effectively expands the TAN network to become a virtual cloud-based financial services provider to under-served communities globally.


Captive is a reward mobile app for promoting and engaging with augmented reality experiences. CAPCT — Carats are used to create bounties for developers and designers to build augmented reality apps and experiences. Carats are also used to reward social influencers and marketers to help promote augmented reality apps and experiences. CAPCN — Coins are used to reward users for engaging with AR experiences.

Anchor Neural World (ANW)

Anchor Neural World is a decentralized AI engine technology and ecosystem specialized for commercial level business integration. Bringing together context inference and principle-governed parsing technology, the proprietary neural network algorithm will bring about a new paradigm of AI integration, where enterprise optimization will become an everyday reality.


MLR selects lottery prizes based on randomness, transparency, prestige, the structure of the prize, the number of players, etc.
Players will have two options: buy tickets using USD (fiat money) or using MLR tokens (Cryptocurrency) at offers the same structure and prizes as the original game.

Monnos (MNS)

Monnos is an all in one crypto APP where everyone can create, share and sync strategies of crypto assets, and everybody can earn with it. They offer an exchange, wallet strategy and the core of the business, the functionality of sync strategies.


Karuschain (KRS)

LATOKEN’s sale of Karuschain’s KRS token is coming. According to the project, participation in the token sale provides a unique opportunity for early adopters to leverage a $680 billion metals and mining market. The date for the 1st token sale round will soon be announced. Learn more about Karuschain and get whitelisted on the Karuschain LATOKEN IEO page.

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