LATOKEN lists Creditcoin, PazCoin, FINT, PMAL 88


FINT is an innovative financial system in order to overcome physical and time limitations as well as excessive service fees in inter-country, inter-company and personal transactions. Fint Asia payment alliance includes prepaid cards and electronic wallets from South Korea, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and Russia. Fint is a hybrid blockchain smart system that does not require too much changes from existing payment infrastructure.

PMAL 88 Tapis Crude token (P88)

To fund the exploration program PMAL LLC is issuing a crypto security token called PMAL 88 Tapis Crude Oil Token (P88) on the LATOKEN crypto exchange which offers crypto investors commensurate risked returns upon exploration success and commercial hydrocarbon production.

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