LATOKEN lists NECC, HMG, Buxcoin, Karuschain, Kauricrypto

LATOKEN lists NECC, HMG, Buxcoin, Kauricrypto

LATOKEN continues to add new tokens to the exchange. Here is what’s new: Natural Eco Carbon Coin, HMGBUXCOIN.

We’ve also started the IEO Kauricrypto and are preparing to launch the IEO of Karuschain (whitelisting is opened).

Natural Eco Carbon Coin (NECC)

URCC decentralizes the CER trading market and activates the campaign to reduce CER and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a ton by one person through various means of payment, thus curbing extreme environmental damage and realizing the economic benefits of global companies.


HMG Token will distribute the gold mined every week by paying Ethereum to the token holders by airdrop method (50%) of the gold production mined at Kyungmyung Mining Development Gold Mine 01. HMG Token is a method of increasing the amount of Ethereum distributed monthly as gold mining increases based on mine veins. HMG Token owners will participate in the listing of Gold Token by allocating revenue from the gold mining amount of the mine and participating in key decisions of the HMG Token Infrastructure.


Bux provides a seamless experience of sending and receiving money globally, harnessing the power of the blockchain, a decentralized peer-to-peer network. By becoming a part of the fast-growing network of Buxcoins, customers and merchants can transact reliably, securely, instantly and cost-effectively, using our revolutionary and innovative digital coins.

Kauricrypto (KAU)

Kauri is a startup shared-economy and crowd-investment cryptocurrency. It’s an ERC-20 token created by company British Asset and is supposed to be the basis of the project’s next phases. Kauri’s main goal is to systematically build and expand the crypto-friendly investment ecosystem, thereby helping cryptocurrencies mass adoption. They have already built several retail real-estates, including 2 already working hotels (Avatar Eco Lodge and La PreciOSA).

Karuschain (KRS) | Pre-announcement

Announcing the first round of LATOKEN’s sale of Karuschain’s KRS token will take place on January 14th, 2020. With a 15% discount available to those purchasing with LATOKEN native tokens or 10% for other cryptocurrencies. According to the project, participation in the token sale provides a unique opportunity for early adopters to leverage a $680 billion metals and mining market. Don’t miss out, get whitelisted on the Karuschain LATOKEN IEO page.

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