Let's Talk Bitcoin! #420 How Can Public Blockchains Have Real Privacy?

On today’s show, we discuss the idea of true privacy on public, transparent blockchains and some of the ways it’s working (or not) in Bitcoin or related projects right now. How can public blockchains have privacy? The decreasing cost of passive surveillance MimbleWimble research Attack , Developer Response , and Alternative Implementation Response Gossip Protocols and The Stasi Model Skin in the game with Proof of Work The moving target and the arms race Obscuring origins and game theory security Breaking links with lightning and other layer-2s Adversarial relationships are economic in nature Attacks in theory vs. practice Security through obscurity? Researchers, cryptographers and state level actors and more… Let’s Talk Bitcoin! is a long-running independent podcast on the ideas, people and projects powering the cryptocurrency narrative. On this show, we basically talk about everything other than the price. Since we started this conversation in early 2013, a whole world of blockchains and tokens has sprung up alongside bitcoin, and we talk about those too as real-world events help us see what’s real and what’s just clever marketing. Visit LTBShow.com for all 419 of our past episodes or to subscribe directly to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show. Episode 420 (How can public blockchains have privacy) Credits: Sponsors – Brave.com & eToro.com Hosts: Adam B. Levine ( http://ltbshow.com ) Andreas M. Antonopoulos ( https://aantonop.com/ ) Stephanie Murphy ( https://www.stephaniemurphyvoice.com/ ) Jonathan Mohan ( https://twitter.com/JonathanMohan ) Other Staff Producer – Adam B. Levine Editor – Jonas Music (Theme) – Jared Rubens Music (Other) – General Fuzz

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