Lisbon and DA presentation : NEO

Lisbon and DA presentation : NEO


Just watched the presentation on mobile of Da at Epicenter in Lisbon. Mobile has the widest reach these days, whether casting a net to developers or future community members, no one can argue with the importance of looking professional on mobile. A good marketing team would be aware of this. Here are my thoughts.

Great oral presentation by Da, slides were terrible. I couldn’t read many of the specifics on the slides. Colors were horrible and fonts could have been much better. Overall, slides were hard on the eyes.

I am calling out the ongoing symptoms of no marketing/communications team. A marketing team is much more than just promoting the project or news. Consistent slide decks/tech support during important events, etc should fall under this team in effectively pushing our vision.

With the slide deck I just saw, Da may as well have not even presented. I feel silly supporting a project represented by such a poor slide deck. He may as well had no slides. How is N3 going to be a protocol in the meta verse if we can’t even get a decent slide deck across? This isn’t something Da should have to think about, build a darn marketing/communications team, do something, we look incompetent. I would of thought a virtual presentation would have had more forethought.

I will gladly give all of my GAS voting rewards if NEO foundation will hire a competent marketing team—if someone will come out and acknowledge the piss poor communications and marketing across the ecosystem, I will vote for you, otherwise I will earn as much gas as possible, continue to off load NEO, and diversify into clear long term winner (something I expected to see in NEO).

I would also expect that this team or arm would effectively communicate the vision/progress of each major feature on N3…for instance…Da highlights NeoSPCC as key team building NeoFS, there hasn’t been an update or original tweet from this team since before N3 launch…almost looks like a scam if you didn’t do more digging. John Wang mentioned SkyNet offhandly and no one in the community has any idea or links of this project.

Seriously, I’ll put my future GAS where my mouth is if someone in the community can make it happen. NEO has some great talent but it bothers me when we come across unprofessional.

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