Litecoin has NFTs. : litecoin

Litecoin has NFTs. : litecoin


You value blockchain wrong. Along with a lot of the newer investors, you all like shiny things. Litecoin has been just doing what it does for 10 years without a hitch…

Well Mimblewimble will bring it back to excitingly people will realize that it’s actually better than Bitcoin for transactions and payments. I’m not saying I think it should replace bitcoin. I like Bitcoin and I want it to win, but I’m saying Litecoin is the only other coin that COULD replace bitcoin and not cause a huge trust issue from investors and institutions. It was launched fairly, it is very decentralized, it has the same code as bitcoin, it halves like bitcoin, and it’s almost as liquid as bitcoin. It’s already almost as adopted as bitcoin as a payment system, and it has name recognition.

If you think any other coin could replace bitcoin other than Litecoin you are deluding yourself. Even ETH can’t do that job like Litecoin, and I am very invested in ETH and love it.

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