"It may be time the #crypto community take a stab at its own blockchain-enabled sensorship-resistent social media platform. Lots of challenges though, spam, scam, trolls, incentives, copyright, token economics, governance, stickiness, privacy… But It’s about time!" : btc

Openbazaar Haven shopping social

Bisq exchange

Aether (Reddit alternative)

Aether, skycoin

ZeroNet, web/blog

IPFS, Sia, storj, file storage/share.

.bit .onion .rep (namecoin, Tor, i2p)- name service.

Lbry video.


Still need to decentralize other stuff

Peertube D.tube, minds, still mostly used through the .com/.org so censorable.

Some self hosted stuff, like Mastodon, Nextcloud.

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