MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor to Host 'Bitcoin for Corporations' Online Course in February

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor to Host ‘Bitcoin for Corporations’ Online Course in February


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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor to Host ‘Bitcoin for Corporations’ Online Course in February

Business Intelligence firm, MicroStrategy, has announced that it will be hosting an online and accelerated ‘Bitcoin for Corporations‘ course on Feb 3 & 4 this year. Keynote speakers will include MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Stoneridge CEO Ross Stevens, amongst other representatives from digital asset service providers who will have the platform on the second day of this scheduled course. Some of the crypto industry heavyweights represented include Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Fidelity, Grayscale, and Galaxy digital.

MicroStrategy CEO announced this new initiative on Twitter, noting the potential in value creation for those who will attend,

“ On Feb 3 & 4, @MicroStrategywill host Bitcoin for Corporations. Join our officers, industry luminaries & strategic vendors for a free, online, accelerated course in #Bitcoin strategy & tactics to grow your company & create shareholder value.”

With barely a year since MicroStrategy invested a significant part of its treasury into Bitcoin, the firm is now taking a more aggressive outlook on BTC investing. Initially, they had bought $425 million worth of Bitcoin, which was leveled up to around $1.5 billion after the company issued treasury notes to invest the proceeds in Bitcoin. MicroStrategy now owns roughly $2.3 billion worth of BTC, making it one of the leading corporations allocating treasury holdings to Bitcoin.

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin for Corporations Initiative

Given such exposure, it is not surprising that MicroStrategy will be sharing the underlying knowledge with other corporations that might be interested. The course, which will run online, is free to the prospects who might be looking to integrate Bitcoin-oriented strategies into their treasuries as well.

On the first day, fundamental issues such as Bitcoin macro strategy, corporate strategy, finance considerations, legal and accounting considerations will be discussed. The course will be delivered by distinguished industry professionals who include Michael Saylor, Ross Stevens, and the MicroStrategy CFO Phong Le, to mention a few.

The second day of the ‘Bitcoin for Corporations’ course will feature on-ramping dynamics into the Bitcoin ecosystem; basically, the strategic vendors and offerings in the crypto marketplace. Digital asset providers will deliver this session to equip better corporations to buy some BTC to scale their treasury exposures.

While Saylor has been vocal about corporations diversifying into BTC, some industry stakeholders like Real Vision Co-founder and CEO doubt whether he will drive corporate adoption of Bitcoin,

“I don’t think Michael [Saylor] is going to drive corporate adoption in the space because he’s really speaking the language of Bitcoin and not the language of corporate treasurers, and that has to happen.”

Raoul Pal CEO of Real Vision

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