Monero MyKing’s Botnet Has minted 3M Worth of XMR to Date : Monero

You are ASIC Miners, GPUs Miners or Bitmain woker. After upgrade to cryptonight_r. ASIC and botnet can not working. Coinhive not workting, too.

Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade windows defender and security, can protect malware mining or botnet 100%. Many malware and botnet build from Kali Linux (Kali Linux Metasploit), it’s can run on Windows or Linux. All antivirus (bitdefender, kaspersky, ESET, AVAST, AntiVir, Norton Security) can protects malware mining 100%. Yeah, XMRig and XMR Stak RX can not working, too.

And now RandomX is upgraded. Monero core developer upgrade this coin every 6 months.

That’s cool. A Big monero mining factory can not an advantage small miners.

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