My New Pool Is Up! Mine with 0.5% Fees on 1stMiningPool

Hello friends,

I’m excited to announce the 1stMiningPool – a pool created and ran exclusively by the 1stMiningRig team. The goal was to make a pool the right way – we are all expert GPU miners, we’ve been mining since day one and we’re thrilled to be able to now support mining decentralization on a new level.

The pool is running on very low fees, just enough to support the pool itself and 1stminingrig. Our personal GPU rigs are mining on that pool, and we invite you to join us there 🙂

Pool Address:

Supported Coins:

  • Denarius
  • Lux
  • Ravencoin
  • Suqa
  • Verge
  • xdna
  • Vertcoin (new)
  • Gin (new)
  • Veil coin (new)

Upcoming Coins:

  • Nexus
  • SIN
  • Callisto
  • + Contact me if you want any special coin being added

Reasons to Mine on 1stMiningPool

  • Low fees – 0.5% is half of what most other pools charge.
  • Reliable pool 24/7 – we are using the best software and equipment
  • Is flexible – don’t see your favorite coin in the list? Drop me a line and you might see the coin being added soon!
  • Helps decentralization – pool centralization is not good for cryptos, and by joining the smaller pools you are contributing to the safety of the whole ecosystem
  • Mining fees go to support 1stMiningRig – you can support this site by simply mining in our pool, so we can keep making more tutorials and honest reviews

Creating a pool from scratch is not easy – most people prefer to stick to the bigger pools. However, I am sure it’s more than possible for this pool to grow and to become big one day soon – once it reaches a certain threshold, it will snowball into a popular pool with hundreds users.

I don’t want 1stMiningPool to become a giant though, I just want to create a haven for GPU miners that will have the best GPU-friendly coins, and help sustain 1stminingrig in the process, which is why I’d love to see each of you guys there.

Anyway, this is my invitation, I really hope to catch you on 1stMiningPool! 🙂

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates!

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CoinPayments: $1stMiningRig

ETH: 0x8a159cc27454130ee4880504f4d2afe2ebb22d15

BTC: 183BNU2y8Zr1z6ER1L9WjFa9XRKEKCqBjp

Ravencoin: RUYB64UXeyeWvDd4o9dBc3uvT57QjAZKz1

Luxcoin: LX5G6ZbQivZJL7srmFKxWYgBWjmFBZAvEu

ZEC: t1T9dLLM14Jh6NNuCPfNsRgGnj58LkT3yYX

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