My thoughts why it's never too late to get in with bitcoin : Bitcoin

My thoughts why it’s never too late to get in with bitcoin : Bitcoin


It is never too late to invest in Bitcoin, especially if you are a long-term hodler. Always try to buy and hold BTC for more than 1-year, and you can get a decent return. If you invested in BTC 5-years back, your ROI (Return on Invest) would have been 8,000%, a return better than all other assets. 2018 was one of the worst years in the history of Bitcoin when the price went down from near US$20,000 level to US$3,400 level.

Even if you bought BTC at the peak of near-US$20K level in mid-December 2017) and held it till now, your investment would have increased by over 175% will now, which is again a better return than any other asset class including gold. The store value of BTC is amazing.

Almost the entire Wall Street believes that the price of Bitcoin against the US Dollar will increase anything from 2-folds to 10-folds by 2021-end or mid-2022. This means that each BTC price will be anything from US$100,000 to US$500,000 in the next 12-14 months. In fact, some experts also believe that in the coming 10-years (by 2030), the price of each bitcoin will become US$1-Million. This means you can always make a robust profit by investing in Bitcoins, no matter when you invest, till your investment horizon is holding for more than 1-year. The longer you hold BTCs, the higher the ROI.

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Disclaimer: I’m not saying that trading bots are for everyone. I’m just sharing my thoughts and experience so please don’t attack me.

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