Nansen Will Integrate Solana In Early 2022: Report

Nansen Will Integrate Solana In Early 2022: Report


According to the latest reports, Nansen will integrate Solana in early 2022 and will offer insight into the rising ecosystem so let’s read more about it in our latest altcoin news.

Crypto analytics platform Nansen will integrate Solana early next year since Solana has seen a surge in popularity over the past few months. Nansen is a site that is used for analyzing blockchain data for Defi and NFT on Ethereum and other platforms while Solana surged in popularity as a rival for NFT collectibles and Decentralised finance protocols alike. Solana also saw a surge in activity over the past few months alongside a surge in its native token SOL. With the ecosystem expanding, the tools to help traders did as well and the collectors alike navigated the space.

Today, Nansen announced that it will soon integrate Solana and will join Ethereum as well as other blockchain networks that are supported by the site. With the upcoming functionality that is pegged to the launch in Q1 of 2022, the users can check up on the Nansen track activity within Solana’s Defi protocols and see how the new Solana NFT collection is performing at launch. Nansen is also a very popular resource for NFT flippers or those that want to buy low and sell for a huge return as the analytics tool outlined a burgeoning sales trend. The smart money of the platform has been praised by NFT traders for tipping them off to a rising interest in the collection as well.

The platform tracks more than 100 million crypto wallets created across Binance Smart Chin, Ethereum, and Polygon which only enriches the data with public wallet labels so this way, the NFT collectors can see the projects that the community’s best-known traders are getting into. An NFT acts like a deed of ownership to verifiably unique digital items like video files, video games, and artwork. The market expanded dramatically in 2021 especially with the $10.7 billion worth of trading volume in Q3 as the data from DappRadar shows.

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Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik said that he sees this opportunity for the NFT space to introduce newcomers to the industry and to create an affinity with the digital collectibles. He said:

“DeFi ​​has brought the capital into crypto, and NFTs are bringing the people into crypto. If you ask a normal person about finance—they don’t care about finance, so why would they care about decentralized finance? But if you ask them about music, art, entertainment, or gaming, there’s a lot of people who are really passionate about these topics.”

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