Neblio blockchain adds encrypted metadata option on token protocol

Neblio, a secure, distributed platform built for enterprise applications and services, has announced to its community a new feature that it has been working on in stealth over the last several months – Encrypted Metadata for its Neblio Token Protocol-1 (NTP1).

This feature was not part of the project’s public roadmap but was built based upon the feedback gathered from meetings with potential clients and partners while discussing the features needed in public blockchain architecture.

NTP1 Encrypted Metadata

The new feature has been designed with simplicity-first in mind. Senders of NTP1 tokens need only to check a box when adding metadata to their NTP1 token transaction to enable encryption. Once the transaction arrives at the recipient, encrypted metadata is decrypted automatically with no interaction from the recipient necessary.

Users never have to worry about encryption key management, passwords, or anything else related to the encryption. Everything needed to both encrypt and decrypt the metadata is already in the user’s wallet, making the process as simple as possible.

A single click and Neblio handles everything else completely transparent to the user

NTP1 Encrypted Metadata works by encrypting all of the metadata in an NTP1 transaction using a symmetric encryption key that is calculated based upon the respective public and private key pairs of the sending and recipient addresses. This means only the sending wallet and the receiving wallet can ever decrypt the metadata stored in the transaction. NTP1 Encrypted Metadata will never be visible on the block explorer, to other users, or to anyone monitoring transactions on the Neblio blockchain.

In addition to increasing security and privacy, simplified metadata encryption opens the door for Neblio to a variety of use cases that may have previously only been applicable to private blockchains:

  • Companies that do not want their supply chain, asset management, tracking, etc operations to be shown openly in publicly-readable data can now simply check a box to encrypt their metadata and keep their operations private.
  • Companies that interact with partners, customers, or clients via the blockchain can now rest assured that all of their on-chain communication with other parties can be completely secure and encrypted and that transactions with “Partner A” cannot be read by “Partner B” or “Client C.”
  • Industries with higher data security requirements where sensitive data can never be shared publicly can now store data securely on-chain.
  • Secure messaging and communication protocols can now be built on top of Neblio, allowing users to securely communicate with any other Neblio address. With all data being stored immutably on the blockchain, users would not need to be online to receive messages, never have to worry about messages being deleted, and could simply check their messages at any time using their standard Neblio wallet, similar to secure email.
  • And much more…

NTP1 tokens drive distributed applications on the Neblio Network

  • NTP1 tokens are issued on the Neblio blockchain with immutable storage secured by Proof of Stake.
  • Due to unique meta-data carrying properties, NTP1 tokens are used for everything from the tokenization of real-world assets to the secure transfer of data.
  • NTP1 tokens can be created in as easy as a few clicks with no development or technical experience necessary.

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