New YouTube Crypto Ban? The Giant Started Removing Cryptocurrency-Related Videos With No Warning

YouTube, the Google-owned social media mogul, appears to be restricting and even deleting cryptocurrency-related videos and channels. Several crypto influencers had reported over the past few hours on the removal of videos and even complete channels.

Such is the case with veteran crypto investor and influencer Chris Dunn, operating one of the most popular channels in the industry with over 200,000 subscribers.

Dunn claims that the video platform had suddenly removed some of his videos, citing “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.” Besides, he notes that he has been making similar content for over ten years, and so far, there haven’t been any troubles.

BTC-Sessions, another popular crypto channel, appears to have similar issues, stating that a three-year-old video has been completely removed for the same reason – harmful and dangerous. The action in both described incidents was not followed by any prior notice from YouTube.

Youtube has been arguably one of the most used social media hosting cryptocurrency content. Over the last several years, many crypto channels had been developed, some of them gained an enormous amount of eager subscribers.

Another Social Crypto Ban, Or Security Measures?

Crypto influencer Omar Bham is pretty sure the video giant is taking severe actions against the industry. Bham had mentioned the power of giant corporations such as Google and Facebook by providing an example of how his crypto-related Facebook group was deleted a while ago.

Moreover, the social media giant removed all accounts associated with moderating the group and hasn’t provided any explanation nor responded to his questions since then. He suggests that Youtube may be doing the same thing now and questions the real motives.

This is not the first time social networks took legal actions against the crypto industry. During 2018, both Google and Facebook banned crypto-related advertisements. Later that year, Google partly removed the ban, and so did Facebook.

It’s worth noting that no official statement regarding the issue came on behalf of YouTube, as we are yet to see if this is an intentional attack or a security measure.

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