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Nicki Minaj Tweets After Happy Hippos Pre-Sale Launch


Happy Hippos NFT, a collection of programmatically, randomly AI-generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is accessible through the Infinity8.io platform, a philanthropic NFT marketplace that won the Best NFT Marketplace Award 2021.

In Happy Hippos the first generation consists of 8888 Hippos assembled from over 1 million options. Happy Hippos NFT has announced the pre-sale date. More so, the pre-sale started on November 8th, 48 hours before the official public sale on November 11th. Nicki Minaj made a tweet after the launch of Happy Hippos Pre-sale.

To join the exclusive Happy Hippos NFT pre-sale, need to be whitelisted by signing up and creating an account on infinity8.io. The Happy Hippo NFT will be found only on the connection address, or wallet that was used for the purchase of the Happy Hippos via Infinity8.io.

More so, the pre-sale will be limited to the first 1,000 people sign up on Infinity8.io. As forementioned a total of 8888 Happy Hippos will be available during the pre-sale, blue, green, and grey. The pre-sale price of each Happy Hippos NFT is set at 0.06 ETH while the public sale price will be 0.088 ETH.

Furthermore, the purchase of Happy Hippos is very easy because various payment methods are available like crypto, PayPal, credit card, or Metamask. The holders of Happy Hippos will get access to future pre-sales for upcoming projects o Infinity8.io and receive official adoption certificates of wildlife hippos roaming together in harmony in Africa. For the purchase of each Happy Hippos NFT, a donation will be made on behalf of the buyer to a wildlife foundation that helps protect them in their natural habitat.

At present Happy Hippos have the lowest gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain from $3 to $50. The platform will not charge anything high on top unlike on another platform they will add a huge markup. When 25% of the NFT were sold out then 25 happy Hippos will be given to the random wallets on Infinity8.io and also sending .08888 Ethereum to five random holders.

After completing 50%, 50 Happy Hippos will be offered to random wallets and sending 0.08888 Ethereum to another ten random holders. After 75% sold out, 75 Happy Hippos will be given to random wallets and will send .08888 Ethereum to the other ten random holders. And finally, after 100% sold out, Happy Hippos will give1 special Happy Hippos NFT to a random wallet & will send .888 Ethereum to one lucky holder.



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