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According to analysts at Trustnodes, Tether’s stablecoin market supply (USDT) recently increased by half a billion dollars and now stands at almost $ 4.7 billion.

According to data on the Tether website, the most USDT stablecoins were issued on the Ethereum blockchain – $ 2.22 billion, another $ 28 million is being prepared for release.

Tether Stablecoins Tables

The stablecoins on the Omni protocol are slightly less – $ 1.75 billion. However, it is interesting that the volume of USDT on the basis of Tron is already approaching $ 1 billion. For comparison, in September the cost of stablecoins on the Tron blockchain was only $ 100 million, on Ethereum – $ 2 billion, and Omni – $ 2.5 billion

EOS-based tokenized dollar is much less popular – $ 5.2 million. Also, insignificant volume of stablecoin based on the euro is about 40 million coins, and the total value of Tether coins based on the renminbi is ¥ 23,533,468 (~ $ 3.3 million).

It is noteworthy that according to the CoinMarketCap service, since September Tether’s capitalization has not changed and amounts to only $ 4.12 billion (and not $ 4.67 billion, as indicated on the company’s website):

Tether Charts at Coinmarketcap
Tether Charts at Coinmarketcap

This may mean that approximately half a billion USDT have been released to the market in the past few days. 

Whale Alert @twitter
Whale Alert @twitter

As you can see, according to WhaleAlert, literally today, 200 million USDT went to the Binance exchange.

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