node.js - How to build a simple Bitcoin Wallet

node.js – How to build a simple Bitcoin Wallet


I am looking for a way to build a Bitcoin wallet native mobile application for iOS & Android.

I want the app to offer the following features to its users;

  • Create a new wallet (self custodial)
  • Create new addresses to receive bitcoin
  • Send bitcoin
  • Display wallet balance

Do i have to run my own Bitcoin Node or is there a good API as a service that i am missing that could help me hit the ground running? (I am looking for a NodeJs API).

I have googled around for a “bitcoin wallet NodeJs API” but what got me confused was that all the API’s with a “wallet integration” don’t seem to offer wallet generation. They offer “new wallet address” generation instead which is one level above what i’m looking for. API examples i found:

This got me thinking that i must be missing something? Is there a good reason why these well-rounded services are not offering something trivial like a new wallet generation?

Does this mean i have to run my own bitcoin node and wrap it in a REST API service with something like Node.js?

I would appreciate if someone could explain and point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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