Not owning cryptocurrencies is in-and-of-itself an investment. It means investing completely in the closed-source financial system. The internet always beats intranets. Choose wisely. : litecoin

Oh god here we go again. Where is my copy/paste.(on mobile) can’t find.

Crypto is not an investment, don’t treat it as such. Don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose it all. At this point it’s a global functional pyramid scheme. Invest in real companies, industry and governments that actually do something for people.

You are playing “the greater fool” game. Buy low, sell high. Where is my crystal ball.

Greed can be a powerful delusion. Hey kids, it’s a new low in crypto, Again, invest, invest, you could win the lottery.

“Oh Papa, how much should I invest?” $10k, $100k, how much should I gamble and put off buying a house, or saving, or doing read investment in ETFs or retirement.

“Son, buy and HODL” that’s the internet advise.

For how long?

Until you can sell it to the next fool. A new one is born every minute.

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