Number Of Bitcoin ATMs Worldwide Surpasses 6,000

The total number of Bitcoin ATMs located everywhere around the world has now surpassed a new record as it went above the 6,000 mark. According to the online resource CoinATMRadar, the latest Bitcoin news show that there are currently 6,004 machines installed worldwide – and 65% of those are located in the United States.

Additionally, we can see that 108 machines have been deployed this month and the data about the number of Bitcoin ATMs and the average count installed per day is 11 – which is the fastest pace this year.

We can also see that over three quarters of the machines installed worldwide are located in North America, while 20% are in Europe and only 2% are in Asia. The United States is home to 3,924 ATMs, Canada has 653 Bitcoin ATMs while the next countries in the list include United Kingdom and Austria with 272 and 189 ATMs, respectively.

The total number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide has increased by about 1,000 since June 2019, showing that the industry is booming and seeing significant growth. Sometimes referred to as BTMs, these Bitcoin ATMs allow users to buy BTC while over 35% of the machines also have two way capabilities enabling to sell crypto for cash.

In mid-October, such machine was installed by the BTM firm Bitstop at the Miami International Airport. The co-founder and chief strategy officer Doug Carillo noted that Bitcoin is very useful for travelers, stating:

“More and more people prefer to travel with Bitcoin instead of cash for convenience and security. Miami International Airport is a perfect place for our customers to conveniently exchange their dollars for Bitcoin and vice versa when traveling domestically or abroad.”

Still, not everyone is happy about the number of Bitcoin ATMs and the growth rate in the United States. As we reported yesterday, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Criminal Investigation Chief John Fort are confident of the potential tax issues caused by Bitcoin ATMs and kiosks.

“They’re required to abide by the same Know-Your-Customer, Anti-Money Laundering regulations, and we believe some have varying levels of adherence to those regulations,” Fort noted.

All in all, the rising number of Bitcoin ATMs proves that crypto is getting a new swing and is becoming more and more popular this year.

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