OKEx Will Launch USDT Margined Perpetual Swap Trading Features

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OKEx will launch USDT margined perpetual swap trading features and according to the announcement the latest USDT denominated linear contract offering will go live on December 16 this year so let’s see more in the blockchain latest news.

The simulation phase will continue until the 14th of this month and the official launch will be two days after. The USDT-margined perpetual swap trading feature is basically an add-on feature to the recently launched USDT futures trading offering and with the perpetual swap trading, the users can long or short a position or hedge the price movements without having to think about the expiry of the contract. The USDT-margined perpetual swap will support about 9 different trading pairs including EOS, ETC, BTC, LTC, XRP and BCH with the possibility of more additions in the future. The traders will have the opportunity to avail 0.01-100x leverage just to get the most out of their orders.

OKEx will also provide theideal instruments for long-term investments and along with the USDT margined perpetual swap, each contract will have a face value of a fixed amount of digital tokens. some of the key features include availability of 9 USDT pairs, leverage from 0.01x to 100x, algo trading support, tiered maintenance margin ration system, partial liquidation, and 24/7 trading.

OKEX also offers improved risk management system for derivatives trading on the platform and some of the components include Mark price system that will minimize huge fluctuations in price, forced partial liquidation mode that will eliminate the market impact caused by liquidated orders and tiered maintenance margin ratio that will prevent the liquidation of large positions as well.

The tiered maintenance margin ratio system will be able to cover the spot margin trading on OKEx starting today. The TMMR has been around OKEx’s enhanced risk management system since the start of the year and so far it was offered to accounts that participated in perpetual swap trading on the platform. With the introduction to spot margin trading, the users will have the experience of a low leverage risk combined with higher borrowing limits.

The TMMR system manages the leverage depending on the borrowing amount and if the amount is higher, the required maintenance margin ratio will increase as well. By doing this, the maintenance margin ratio will increase and lower the available maximum leverage for the users.

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