PSA 2 years ago BCH on this day (Nov. 19) was at $1186. It’s currently at $256 -> TWO YEARS of massive declines, ~79% of value lost. : btc

Today “Egon_1” posted about Bitcoin’s price being a only a little higher that it was two years ago, so I thought it would be interesting to see how BCH compared.

At a 78.6% decline the comparison still looks much better than it would likely look if Egon_1 had made this post a few weeks from now on Dec 20 with a drop from higher than $3.5k but it’s an astronomical drop.

This is by far not the first time that those who following rbtc’s advice suffered severe financial consequences.

With recent discussions showing that BCH development groups have been keeping 95% of their own funds as Bitcoin, maybe it’s time to question what you’re being told and consider that fact that you’re being exploited by people who know they can sell you a story to you to trade in their favour.

I earnestly believe that intentionally or not that this is effectively what’s happening here. Whenever I’ve said that some fork was a bad call, I’ve sold it if it was airdropped, sold options/futures against it, and/or avoided owning it. If ever I argued for a position that would have been a money losing one then I would have lost money. You simply can’t say the same for most of the advocacy here instead you’ve been encouraged to dump Bitcoin and go long fringe altcoins by groups who haven’t really taken their own advice and instead stand to profit off your losses.

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