python – Why different cryptocurrency API have different prices?

The prices are different primarily because not all dollars are the same. A dollar at Coinbase is not precisely the same as a dollar at Bitstamp. They have different withdrawal charges and policies. Exchanges also have different fees, which get built into their rates.

Some of the pricing sources you mention are particular exchanges. Some of them are composites of various exchanges. Some of them include foreign exchange rates where there can be liquidity issues that make the effective value of the foreign currency different from the official exchange rate value. For example, KRW is difficult to get out of Korea, so it is worth less than its official value in Korea. This makes exchange rates to KRW artificially high.

Generally, this produces an variance of around 0.3%, which you just have to live with.

Pick the rate that makes the most sense depending on what you’re doing. For example, if you buy and sell on Coinbase, use their price. Perhaps rejecting the price if, for some reason, it’s way out of line with other sources.

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