r/btc - Bitcoin Cash Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

r/btc – Bitcoin Cash Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


This is known as the SWOT analysis. Here’s what Investopedia says about it:

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company’s competitive position and to develop strategic planning. SWOT analysis assesses internal and external factors, as well as current and future potential.

So let’s try it, in a light-hearted manner, shall we?


We are an instance of Bitcoin, the invention. With that we inherited a technology that has worked without fail since 2009. That is a strength.

Technology is just an enabler, though. People build, and we have a lot of devoted people, all around the World, who speak diverse languages and are coming from diverse cultures and background. Isn’t that something special? I think it is. You built this! Yes, you!

  • You, node builders, 6 distinct teams! You’re busy building node implementations, thinking about how to improve on what can be done with Bitcoin Cash while being extra careful to keep the security promise. What are nodes? Computer programs which operate directly on our blockchain, they are our backbone. Like e-mail servers and the complex network between them.

  • You, miners! You’re running one of those node software, and are busy building and securing the blockchain, block by block, every 10 minutes or so. You never stop, how could you? There’s a great reward hiding in every block!

  • You, wallet developers, too many to count! You’re busy building wallets, thinking about the how to do what can be done, to serve the user the best. You build our financial e-mail clients. We use whichever one we like, and it connects us to a server and enables us to send financial messages, also known as money.

  • You, the user! You get to enjoy all that, you get to send these financial messages! You are also building, without even knowing it! You see, in a free market environment, financial messages i.e. choosing who to send money to plays a very important role. It creates a complex network, where fellow humans are rewarded with these money messages for goods and services they produce, and it really is a message. Message saying: I like your product/service, please make more!

  • You, another user! You are on the other end, receiving them. You are the one building a product/service for your fellow humans and you are getting these financial messages as encouragement for further work! You are building businesses, big and small. Keep building!

  • You, the influencer! I’m not just talking about you stars. I’m talking about everyone who writes anything in public. You, yes you! Everything you write, someone will read. Think about that. When you’re talking with someone on a forum, you’re not only talking with that someone, you’re talking with everyone who may be looking! There’s a responsibility in that. You never know how it may affect those who observe, because they won’t jump in to tell you but they will observe and make judgement. So be smart about it, think about good conduct!

  • You, holders and speculators! You support the growth of our value! Even if you hold other assets, that’s cool, get your “tendies” wherever you can, but don’t forget to bring some back home 🙂

It should be clear by now, I see people as our main strength! Let’s celebrate it!

Humans of Bitcoin Cash! You will grow Bitcoin Cash into a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for planet Earth! Who knows, maybe even beyond!


We have to be honest with ourselves about this, we can’t run from the truth. We must know and own our weakness, and then we can grow from it! Some of us went through war, not just one. They left a lot of battle scars, some have healed, some have not. Let’s revisit our past wars and battles:

  • The scaling war. This was the war that went on when Bitcoin was still one. It was a war between people. So you see, people can also be a weakness. It lasted for years. Some didn’t want Bitcoin to grow to its full potential of becoming a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for planet Earth! Those of us who were there remember it. We tried to reason, it was no use. So a split was unavoidable. Who won? Nobody. Everyone lost.

  • The battle for Bitcoin title. We lost this one. This left big scars. We have to accept we lost the battle for the title, and only then can we heal and turn it into a strength. We all know the truth, that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Sometimes, though, we can’t straight say it to those not ready to hear it. We can whisper it, and amongst ourselves we can sometimes even shout it! It all depends on the circumstance, and that’s why it could be both a weakness and a strength. Notice I said battle, not war. This was our first battle as Bitcoin Cash, and it will be our last – the final boss battle. We must first grow big for that one!

  • The war with Craig “Satoshi” Wright. This wasted a lot of energy. We won, and we thought we’re free to grow from there, but we lowered our guard too soon.

  • The war with Bitcoin ABC. This wasted a lot of time because they used to be our leaders and we trusted them but Bitcoin Cash development was stuck, and the market didn’t like that, and at the end they even wanted to take our money for it!

Some of you were there during all of those, some of you were not – lucky you! 🙂

You noticing something? I’m again talking about people. They can be our greatest weakness. Some of you don’t care about these battles, you’re here to make money and just be users. That’s great, happy to have you, just stay alert, ok?

All these battles eliminated people from our community. They made us stronger by eliminating bad actors and making us more cautious, but they also made us weaker by making us smaller and by leaving unhealed scars. Why are unhealed scars a weakness? Because whomever wants to hurt you will try to use them against you by putting salt on them, and it can burn like hell, making you lose your nerve and discipline. Only when they heal they become strong tissue and can be a source of strength.


If people are builders, and they are our main strength, then we need to find ways to amplify that strength! Give it levers! Give it more strength! We do this by inviting people to join us, and by giving people the tools to build. And good news, there’s a lot of development going on, focused on giving people the tools to build! This is what technology is, an enabler of opportunity!

The Wallstreet Bets event has shown that people are waking up to the reality of central bank policy, that it’s preventing them from enjoying the world of abundance that the free market creates when it’s actually free! It will hopefully make more people think about what is the meaning of money, and it could bring them to us.


Threats from those who see us as threat. Could be governments, could be other companies wanting to build their payment systems or business models which success of Bitcoin Cash might impede. We don’t like anti-competitive behavior, we like us a free market. Stay alert!

Also posted on read.cash, I love that site!


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