r/btc - Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [22:31 GMT May 13, 2021]

r/btc – Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [22:31 GMT May 13, 2021]


Thanks to all posters for providing great content, and enjoy your Bitcoin Cash!

This event was triggered by block 687854, which was mined more than 3 days since the last event and has the last three hex digits of its hash (joined as a number) strictly smaller than 7.

The top posts for the last week have been tipped 1000 sats per vote via chaintip:

If Ethereum flips BTC, does it mean BTC will be an altcoin/shitcoin? by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 601000 sats = 0.00601000 BCH = ~7.24 USD

Might be based on a true story idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯ by u/CyberPunk-Agorist

[tip] – 562000 sats = 0.00562000 BCH = ~6.77 USD

We have to be honest: Ethereum is on its way to flip BTC by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 505000 sats = 0.00505000 BCH = ~6.08 USD

Made this to piss off my mates, thought it was worth sharing here by u/Justoverherechillin

[tip] – 378000 sats = 0.00378000 BCH = ~4.55 USD

Forbes: “The biggest gainer among the world’s 10 largest cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin Cash – up a staggering 41% over the past week.” by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 360000 sats = 0.00360000 BCH = ~4.34 USD

California Cannabis Chain Starts Accepting Cryptocurrencies: “They really like the Bitcoin Cash network due to its low fees, allowing customers to purchase products like a $4 preroll without worrying about paying more than the product’s price on fees.” by u/scotty321

[tip] – 336000 sats = 0.00336000 BCH = ~4.05 USD

Bitcoin Cash has everything… 🤷‍♂️ by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 270000 sats = 0.00270000 BCH = ~3.25 USD

DOGE now has +2.5$ transaction fees so their tipping culture is completely gone and only used for hodling & speculation. DOGE devs: “However, now is not a good time to [increase the blocksize]. “ by u/Mr-Zwets

[tip] – 253000 sats = 0.00253000 BCH = ~3.05 USD

Why BTC is not Bitcoin: by u/MemoryDealers

[tip] – 249000 sats = 0.00249000 BCH = ~3.00 USD

Roger Ver: “Bitcoin was supposed to be money from day one, and I’m working on getting it ruled to be official money of a particular country”…. “It will really help get rid of a lot of the capital gains requirements for Bitcoin Cash specifically” by u/Phucknhell

[tip] – 233000 sats = 0.00233000 BCH = ~2.81 USD

Community Request: Please comment (briefly) if you have been banned from r/bitcoin. Thanks! by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 177000 sats = 0.00177000 BCH = ~2.13 USD

Tips not claimed within 7 days will be returned to the Subtipper fund and tipped out to future posts.

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