Randy Knutson, DynaQuest [PH 2019 Crypto & Blockchain Year in Review]

December 23, 2019 – Depending on who you ask, 2019 is another turbulent year for the crypto and blockchain industries. Globally, we’ve seen companies refocus their efforts or merge with others to survive. In the Philippines, we’ve read about more pending regulations, developments in the space, and more education drive. BitPinas sought the opinion of people who work in the blockchain and crypto industry in the Philippines, including leaders and influencers here and abroad on what they think about 2019 in general and what they look forward to in 2020.

Randy Knutson is the Founder & CEO of DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., an award-winning provider of innovative Blockchain solutions for emerging markets. He is a seasoned veteran with over 35 years of technology experience from start-ups to global companies including roles as CIO and CTO. Randy is passionate about finding digital solutions for the inclusive, sustainable and economic development of those communities that have been underserved, left behind, or forgotten.

Can you please share the latest developments from your company/project/group this year? 

This year, DynaQuest has put in place a dedicated workgroup for designing and developing Blockchain pilots based on the cases of businesses/organizations that are looking to transition into Blockchain. We have assembled a team of solutions architects, business process analysts, and Blockchain engineer/developers that comprise our Blockchain Transition Pilot Program. Our use cases revolve around the following:

  • Blockchain-enabled Business and Information processing system
  • Blockchain-enabled Health Information Management and Patient Information Procession
  • Blockchain-enabled Insurance Process and Information Management
  • Digital Identities over the Blockchain for Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Please share a personal highlight for you this year in the crypto and blockchain community.  

I was personally invited by the Philips Blockchain Labs to be a keynote speaker and present about Blockchain Applications in Healthcare for 2020 and Beyond in Singapore.

What do you think is the most important blockchain and/or crypto development in the Philippines/Globally in 2019? 

This year, DynaQuest was recognized/achieved:

  • 2019 Top 10 Blockchain Solutions Provider in Asia – Pacific” named by APAC CIO OUTLOOK
  • “Top 10 Identity Access Management and Security Consulting Service Companies” – by Enterprise Security Magazine
  • “2019 Top Blockchain Achiever Award” – named and awarded by the BLOCONOMIC – Blockchain Economic Expo
  • “Official Nominee for Corporate Social Responsibility” – by the ASEAN ICT Awards on the project of “Blockchain and Digital Identities for the Inclusive Economic Development of the Indigenous People of the Philippines”
  • DynaQuest Country Director, Gail Macapagal, named as among the Top Ten 2019 Philippine Blockchain Women Influencers” by BitPinas and the Philippine Blockchain Association.

What is your company/project/group looking forward to this 2020 in this space?

  1. “The Wait and See Period” approach of leaders about Blockchain on Business has dramatically changed to the “Here and Now period” where business leaders are exploring opportunities on transformation with the technology. The company will be guiding more businesses towards their Blockchain transformation journey.
  2. Launch an Impact Economy powered by Blockchain where multiple participants from investors, local producers, manufacturers, service providers and other tech providers can set an economic vertical where economic participation and its gains are ensured to be beneficial to all participants.
  3. The company would also like to harness Blockchain’s information processing capabilities in pioneering a data-driven, information-backed decision making for local and government leaders as a catalyst for the development of smart cities, smart regions and smart nations.

What do you personally look forward to in this space? 

To pioneer the correlation of Impact Technologies powering Impact Economies where businesses are made efficient, trading and collaboration are making steps toward automation and making sure that all participants are benefitted in their participation.

Blockchain will also be an important factor in being the backbone of information and communications capabilities of e-government offices based on statistics, lawmakers and disaster preparedness as they will use advanced analytics to make informed decisions based on the smart city framework for information and governance indexes.

What do you see for the Philippines in 2020 in this space?

The Philippines is ripe for business and technological innovation disruption, similar to the Digital revolution back in the late 90s and early 2000s. With emerging technologies combined with the Filipino ingenuity of thinking big, we can see a lot of unique use cases for technologies such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and such that will help push the development of the nation.

The key cities and regions will also incorporate a “smart city” holistic development plan and project framework to improve the quality of life, improve its liveability and be prepared for future challenges faced by businesses, climate and economics.

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