Real life use case : NEO

Real life use case : NEO


I was reading an article about the vision of Meta for our everyday life future, you can read it here

The most interesting part (as a fellow ant) was about an online gaming platform (I’m personally not a gamer so for me this platform was completely new). But the part about creating a ‘small economy’ for the platform sounds as a perfect fit for N3.

Do you guys know which real life use cases are now being built (or are building for the near future) on N3?

This was the part that caught my attention, I saw all the advantages of N3 being shown in this paragraph:

‘Roblox is another online gaming platform, which, according to the company, “over half of all US teens under the age of 16” played in 2020. A key difference, however, between Roblox and other online gaming platforms is that all the games in the Roblox marketplace are built by its user community, using a simple developer toolkit provided through the platform. The result of this user-generated approach is that in a very short period, Roblox has amassed millions of different games and experiences. Indeed, Roblox has become its own small economy, where content creators can monetise their game creations by building in virtual goods and game upgrades which can be purchased by players, with the proceeds being split between Roblox and the game’s creator. In some cases, top creators are already earning upwards of $1 million per year — in real-world cash.’

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