Satoshi was talking about the NFTs back in 1993! : Bitcoin

Satoshi was talking about the NFTs back in 1993! : Bitcoin


Yeah, I dared, I call Hal Finney Satoshi, ok now moving on while your heads are still spinning…

Finney’s prescient email, which ends up taking the form of a cheesy advert, states that the buying and selling of digital coins could mushroom into the trading of cryptographic trading cards which he calls “fascinating examples of the cryptographic arts.” Finney jokes that they will come to mirror standard physical cards:

Your friends will undoubtedly love these cryptographic trading cards just as much. They’ll be eager to trade for them. Collect a whole set!

Finney even goes as far as describing the rarity concept:

They come in all kinds of varieties, from the common 1’s, to the rarer 50’s, all the way up to the seldom-seen 1000’s. Hours of fun can be had for all.

Hal 74076.1041 CompuServe dot com

Jan 17 10:53:24 PST 1993

”Giving a little more thought to the idea of buying and selling digital cash, I thought of a way to present it. We’re buying and selling ”cryptographic trading cards”. Fans of cryptography will love these fascinating examples of the cryptographic arts. Notice the fine way the bit patterns fit together, a mix of one-way functions and digital signatures, along with random blinding. What a perfect conversation piece to be treasured and shown to your friends and family.”


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