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Nothings free. Don’t be a dummy, spent a little longer than I should’ve trying to discern if this was a scam or not.

[DONT TRUST] Owner Bit – https://ownerbit.com/en

Ownerbit.com which looks shadily similar to whitebit.com ( medium article )

is a proven fraud.

I received this DM above in Discord and had some free time to kill so why not check if it’s real or not…

You don’t have to go as far as I did, if you read on.

Upon registering for an account and activating your “code”, your new account is “credited” the allotted amount of BTC, in my case .35 btc.

When you go to withdraw, the site asks you to verify your account first. Makes sense, I mean they did just give you nearly $2,500 USD in a giveaway that you never entered in the first place. This can easily be done by sending them the .01 BTC ($75 USD) needed to verify your account.

That’s where they lost me…

But the design is on point, the exchange functionality works-ish, and everything to the point of withdrawal (sans the clearly fraudelent “giveaway” spam) seems legit, right?

Who here thinks it’s worth 75$ to figure out if this is a scam or not?

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