segregated witness – How Segwit transaction is accepted without withness?

I would like ask 2 questions.

First, as perspective of legacy node(doesn’t upgrade software):

When Segwit transactions are transferred, witness data are stripped.
it means that there are no signature to proof tx inputs in transaction
propagated because there are no witness data as described above. how
legacy node can verify them without withess?

Lastly, as perspective of fresh node(did upgrade):

Regardless of Segwith, the block size can’t exceed 1MB. but fresh
nodes make a block which is consist of only 1MB transactions and NByte
of witness(signature) data. this is very strange point because the
block is already full with only transactions but there are some
witness data.

Can you give point on my two questions?
I’d like to find which points are wrong in my knowledge.

Sorry for my English.

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