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Solana (SOL) Development Platform Launched by Blockchain Infrastructure Firm Bison Trails


Bison Trails, a blockchain infrastructure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company, has launched a new ‘query and transact’ service for Solana (SOL) developers.

The Solana blockchain, touted as a potential challenger to Ethereum (ETH), already has 250 projects being built on it since its launch in March last year. The platform provides a way to build decentralized applications (dApps) in a way that is inherently faster and more secure than Ethereum. Using a unique Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus method combined with stateless storage, on-chain clock verification, and miniaturized data packets, Solana hopes to eradicate problems that have affected several other blockchains.

Solana Query and Transact Service

The new service from Bison Trails will allow developers to access and verify data and transaction information from the blockchain, write transactions, and build products and services that contribute to the growth of the Solana ecosystem. The secure read/write infrastructure provides much-needed resources for Solana developers to better support and contributes to the growth of the ecosystem.

“Bison Trails has been supporting the Solana Blockchain since testnet. As the ecosystem grows, developers are looking for scalable infrastructure solutions that scale with dApps, which Query & Transact can provide,” said Anatoly Yakovenko, President of the Solana Foundation. “Bison Trails provides developers with highly available infrastructure to build the products and services that contribute to the growth of the Solana community, and we are excited to continue our work with them.”

The Query & Transact node infrastructure enables developers to access blockchain data and build blockchain applications on 30 different protocols. They will be able to quickly validate and gather information about transactions while also conducting smart contract interactions, all from a single platform. The service is already being used to track transactions and process data across multiple protocols by leading enterprises such as exchanges, wallets, Web 3.0 application developers, and AI and Machine Learning companies.

Solana recently closed a $314 million private token sale led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital. The sale included additional support from several high-profile crypto investors like 1kx, Alameda Research, Blockchange Ventures, CoinShares, Sino Global Capital, and even electronic music producer Boys Noize.

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