Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [20:07 GMT August 14, 2021]

Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [00:38 GMT August 19, 2021]


Thanks to all posters for providing great content!

The top posts since the last payout (~1 week) have been tipped 1 US cent per vote, or 1577 sats per vote.

For an explanation of Subtipper and how it works, please see this article.


Winning posts:

Reminder the USD is a terrible store of value. by u/1BitcoinWebsite

[tip] – 812155 sats = 0.00812155 BCH = ~5.15 USD

Paying for Lowe’s with BTC. Hodlers get at me. by u/jaygee10001

[tip] – 316977 sats = 0.00316977 BCH = ~2.01 USD

“ Whenever people refer to all of crypto as "BTC", I try to remember that people used to refer to the whole internet as "AOL".” 💡 by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 231819 sats = 0.00231819 BCH = ~1.47 USD

A clone of Ethereum with scaling improvements has just been launched on top of Bitcoin Cash. one billion gas every 15 seconds, DAO is coming soon. It's called Smart BCH and it allows any Ethereum dapp to be ported to BCH to take advantage of lower gas fees. by u/i_have_chosen_a_name

[tip] – 227088 sats = 0.00227088 BCH = ~1.44 USD

Announcing Bitcoin Cash Node v23.1.0 by u/ftrader

[tip] – 175047 sats = 0.00175047 BCH = ~1.11 USD

David Bond on Twitter: "Bitcoin Beach" is apparently a lie. They're not using bitcoin, but some custodial bank lightning coin KYC app called "strike" and a REGION LOCKED "wallet" called Bitcoin Beach. What a joke. by u/Rucknium

[tip] – 159277 sats = 0.00159277 BCH = ~1.01 USD

Im expecting some heated comments by u/cryo153

[tip] – 154546 sats = 0.00154546 BCH = ~0.98 USD


Tips not claimed within 7 days will be returned to the Subtipper fund and tipped out to future posts.


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Note: this payout event was triggered by block 701433, which was mined more than 3 days since the last event and has the last three hex digits of its hash (joined as a number) strictly smaller than 7. The BCH price at the time of activation was $634.29

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