SUKU to bring DreamView Studios supply chain transparency for the virtual world

SUKU, a blockchain-based solution to digitize supply chains across an array of industries, announced today a new partnership with Dream View Studio, a blockchain-enabled platform and media ecosystem which manages and distributes photo-real and AR CGI assets for eCommerce clients.

The partnership will enable virtual product representation in the SUKU ecosystem, from the production of goods, to consumption by end-customers. The partnership couples SUKU’s digital traceability with DreamView Studio’s CGI product and media management platform,

Together, a transparent product journey with virtual proof of assets at a variety of touchpoints along the entire product journey can be made accessible to a wider range of industries and marketplaces–powered by blockchain. The demand for supply chain transparency has grown significantly in recent years, impacting a wide array of stakeholders including: suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, all the way to the end consumer.

“We are proud to offer our customers, large and small, peace of mind by bridging the gap between conscious consumers and brands. By offering more transparency in our customers’ supply chain, we have seen mutual benefit–for suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers–in advancing brand loyalty, trust, and customer satisfaction. This partnership will take that transparency a step forward by offering visual representation alongside immutable supply chain transparency, powered by the blockchain. We see this partnership having an impact far beyond commodities and retailers, and look forward to expanding our collective offerings to customers of all sizes and industries.”
– Yonathan Lapchik, SUKU CEO

The SUKU / DreamView Studios partnership enhances supply chain transparency in a variety of ways.

The partnership offers more stakeholders the opportunity to visualize their products at various touchpoints along the product journey–regardless of supply chain volume, enables new virtual experiences in the form of engagement opportunities for brands and consumers along a product’s virtual journey, as well as providing proof of existence for virtual and physical assets to a variety of marketplaces.

For example, online furniture retailers can now enable virtual representations, as well as physical and digital traceability of individual furniture pieces as well as offer customers opportunities to engage with the brand throughout the product’s journey from purchase, to production, to shipment to final ownership.

“We’re tremendously excited to partner with SUKU in creating the world’s first integrated physical and virtual product ecosystem. As the eCommerce marketplace has evolved, consumers’ tastes have become more selective, requiring more media of products to inform buying decisions, and the creation of photorealistic CGI products are fast becoming a marketplace fixture.”
– Euan Macdonald, co-founder and CEO of Dreamview Studios

SUKU/DreamView – “Integrated Physical & Virtual Product Ecosystem”


Designed to be industry-agnostic, from farming, to pharmaceuticals, to electrical goods, to household consumer products, the SUKU platform leverages two blockchains, Ethereum and Quorum, to streamline numerous critical processes which can slow down any supply chain. From smart contract deployments, to transactions where confidentiality is critical, SUKU’s streamlined blockchain integration builds in transparency and auditability to empower more socially responsible and traceable practices amongst trading partners.

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