Switcheo completes integration of Kyber Network liquidity protocol

Switcheo Network, a trustless multi-chain trading ecosystem, announced today that its integration with Kyber Network has been completed, which will bring increased liquidity to the Switcheo Exchange.

Starting markets following integration will include MKR/ETH, LINK/ETH, and ETH/DAI.

Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol that connects and aggregates liquidity from many different sources. By integrating Kyber as a liquidity source, traders on Switcheo will now be able to see simulated orders from Kyber’s reserves and match against them at the best possible rates.

The process of tapping into Kyber’s liquidity is done under the hood via direct smart contract interactions, and users do not have to do anything extra to enjoy the improved liquidity.

“We expect the integration to strengthen the overall liquidity on the exchange, providing a higher level of trading activity in Ethereum markets for both Kyber and Switcheo.”
Yik Jiun Lee, CTO, Switcheo Network

LINK/ETH added

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