The difference between TranslateMe and leading machine translation. : NEO

well, as far as I know, TranslateMe is also gonna be much more secure (because of the blockchain?).

(so, probably makes sense to add 1 more column)


Looking at the table I still don’t understand what you meant by “…1 per million”

million what?

characters, right?


Well, I understand that

“The biggest clients for this service is chat support systems commonly found on websites. Chat and dating applications and most of the social platforms..”

Personally I still will hope that TranslateMe solutions will help with localization of scientific knowledge, that it will help to solve to some extent so-called “lost” science problem, as I discussed in one of my recent post regarding TranslateMe.


I know that some other translation solutions from other companies also get some users input, but what makes TranslateMe unique is that the blockchain allows micro-payments and it’s great that TransllateMe leverages that and allow users to earn for corrections.

Well, who knows, maybe that activity will turn one day into a full-time job.


When do you think approximately TranslateMe API will be implemented?

2020 or 2021?


What are you planning for TranlsateMe community in the near future?

Any bounty programs, Treasure Hunts, or something?

Good achievements of TranslateMe this year.

Happy Holidays!

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