The history of the block size debate (a reading list for Alex Bosworth)

It seems that folks would like to make sure that the Bitcoin scaling debate is recorded for posterity. That's a noble cause, but of course it has already been very well documented. Here's a brief reading list for everyone to consider:

  1. The Great Bitcoin Scaling Debate
    this is a very complete and lengthy article with lots of sources

  2. A Brief History of Censorship in rbitcoin

  3. Singularity87's eyewitness account of how trolling changed when Blockstream was founded

  4. Debunking "Blockstream is only 3 or 4 developers"
    note re: above, it has since been learned that MIT Media Labs /DCI who was funding both Chaincode and van Der Laan (the entities not funded by Blockstream) was itself corrupt and funded by none other than BTC maximalist Jeffrey Epstein

  5. My brief summary of the block size debate, with sources

Everyone who is remotely interested in crypto ought to read every word in everything I just linked.

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