Think Long-term #NEO : NEO

Think Long-term #NEO : NEO


From your previous posts: I can see that you like to FUD neo a lot. But let’s answer your point you are trying to make.

I agree with you. If you are smart enough and can time the cycles properly, you can make a ton of money. But that isn’t the point I am trying to make in the article. The point is not about making the most money in a few years time but choosing one of the winners in the long-term which I believe will be Neo. Imagine being able to buy Apple or Amazon when it was just starting out.

My point is for most people that just want to invest for long-term and aren’t day traders, their investments align with Neo’s vision of a long-term winning strategy. They are focused on mainstream adoption and not these mini hype cycles.

I want to look back in 10-20 years and be like “holy shit, glad I did my due diligence and stuck to my gut on that investment”

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