This is Who You are Trading Against and Still Losing Money

Crypto Twitter is an amazing place for entertainment. Every day you can find something new that will make you laugh. If you are a crypto trader, here are some Tweets from people you are trading against every day.

“You can only buy BTC if you buy a full one. That’s why I bought LTC, it was still cheap”

“If I have 100 lite coin, and it halves, am I only going to own 50 lite coin after the halving?
Yes. So sell NOW!”

“Apparently $btc has been in a bear market since 2011”

“XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin”

“Maybe 2k is too much… 50-100USD is possible… (I am not XRP fan)”

“I just joined a paid group for 0.1 BTC per month”

“Cant believe a hacker stole 22 million BTC from binance”

$1 mil to $ 10 mil = 10x
$10 mil to $100 mil =10x
$100 mil to $1 bil = 10x
$1 bil to $10 bil = 10x

“Different ways to get 10x, but one way likely won’t ever happen again. You figure out which way, and then ask yourself if what you are holding now is worth it.”


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