Tim Pool (555k subs) discussing the Crypto Youtubers attack : CryptoCurrency

He’s one of my favorite Youtube content creators in terms of politics and news, and has a pretty massive audience of 555k subs on one of his channels alone, so it’s pretty cool to see him covering this.

The Quartering did so earlier aswell and so far that video got over 200k views, which is pretty awesome.

Those guys know what it’s like to be attacked/silenced by weird Youtube stuff. They’ve been on the receiving end themselves with the whole adpocalyptse thing. So it’s nice to see them coming to Crypto Youtubers aid. We should return the favor.

Tim Pool was actually on the Joe Rogan podcast a while back discussing social media censorship etc, and a second time in discussion with Jack Dorsey from Twitter, (who appears to now have become a bigger proponent of Bitcoin and a decentralized Twitter alternative) and I believe he also accepts crypto donations and supports decentralized social media efforts.

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