TraM (Trade Mirror) Is Live!

We are beyond excited to introduce our newest product to you!We have launched a new service based on a “trade mirror” concept on our platform. 

What Is TraM?

TraM stands for Trade Mirror. It is a platform that enables ordinary traders to partner up with professional traders (also known as asset managers).thereby benefiting from those traders’ profiles.

TraM managerstrade their strategies on our margin platform and the manager’s trades are mirrored onto the followers’ wallet in real-time.Managers earn a performance fee based on the high-water mark principle (HWM), i.e. the highest peak in value for a given account and followers can benefit based on their allocated funds.

Way To Earn Passive Income  

Have you been wondering how to better manage your crypto assets? TraM is a great fit for traders and Bitcoin HODLers who are looking tomake a passive incomeand diversify their portfolio, but lack the skills, time or experience to trade assets themselves. Joining a TraM is an effortless way of access the knowledge of an experienced trader. We designed theTraM dashboardwith this in mind –  it is user friendly and provides a simple overview of the asset manager’s performance. 

Although crypto investments are steadily increasing in popularity, only a fraction of all users practice active trading. The remainder do not follow up on any actions, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the market. This is where TraM comes in – it allows making the most of your digital assets. The best part is that TraM works it’s magic automatically – asset manager’s trading strategy mirrors directly to your wallet!

Before using the TraM, you should be aware that the risk of loss in trading or holding digital assets is substantial, that the value of digital assets is subject to extreme volatility and that in margin trading you may lose more funds than you have deposited.  You should therefore carefully consider whether trading or holding digital assets is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.


Breakthrough For the XCM Ecosystem

Launching TraM is a big step forward for the XCM ecosystem as a whole. TraM offers new services to existing customers and will help us start attracting new customers.XCMutility is integrated into TraM services.Asset managersare required to lock in 10,000 XCM per TraM to become a manager and  followers have to lock in 500 XCM for a ticket (there may also be a chance to win free TraM tickets). In addition, manager performance fees are paid in XCM from the open market which increases demand. 

Accelerating the adoption and demand of XCM will be one of the goals of all future products we launch.


How To Join a TraM?

Joining a TraM is easy! To become aTraM follower,you simply have to open theTraM dashboardand browse the list of public TraMs (unless they were invited exclusively to a private TraM advertised outside the CoinMetro platform). Metrics like performance history and current targets help you in making an informed decision. You then lock in 500XCM and you’re ready to start earning passive income! You will have full flexibility of allocated funds and can leave the TraM any time. 

Would you like to become a TraM manager? Great idea! You can open a new mirror on the TraM dashboard. We are interested in hearing from you if you would like to open a public Tram or know someone who we should reach out to, just let us know onour contactform or onTelegram!


Now that you are up to speed with the benefits that TraM brings along, it’s time to check it out for yourself! Head over to theTraM dashboardand get started as an asset manager or a follower! In case you have any further questions about our platform, our support team is available 24/7 onTelegramto help you out.

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