Ubisoft Launched In-Game NFTs With Unique Serial Numbers

Ubisoft Launched In-Game NFTs With Unique Serial Numbers


Ubisoft launched in-game NFTs as a new offering of products that will be known as Digits and will contain their own unique serial number while being tradeable on the crypto market as we can see more today in our crypto news.

The gaming giant Ubisoft announced plans to integrate NFTs into its games and these will be known as Digits and will have their own unique serial numbers. Ubisoft launched in-game NFTs and the company will offer these tokens through a new platform Ubisoft Quartz that allows users to collect the first energy-efficient and playable NFT. Like the games, NFTs will also be stored on the Tezos blockchain according to reading on the platform:

“Ubisoft Quartz is a new experience for our players, built upon our vision of creating an ever-greater connection between you and the game worlds you love. It aims at offering you more autonomy and agency when interacting with the in-game items that help you craft your own story.”

The first digits will be released in beta For Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint which comes out soon. The initial NFTs will come in the form of aesthetic, in-game gear and could be purchased using crypto in any of the game’s launch countries. Unlike the typical skins in the game, each item will feature a unique serial number for the players which is what makes them nonfungible. They could also be purchased and sold ont the Tezos blockchain by the players that don’t play Ghost Recon or other NFT games. However, Digits used in-game will have their previous Gamertags listed for the future.

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Ubisoft is famous for releasing bestselling games such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. The former release of Valhalla raked more than 1.8 million sales in its first week. By integrating NFTs into the games, Ubisoft could bring a new market segment into this space and most of which is tech-savy already. Gamers haven’t been welcoming of NFTs in the past but thanks to Discord, the communications platform, went back on its Ethereum/NFT integration plans after a huge community backlash. Most were concerned about the environmental impact of NFTs combined with the scams and hacks which are plaguing the crypto space.

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