Up by 710%, This Coin Rises in Bitcoin Bear and Bull Markets

Up by 710%, This Coin Rises in Bitcoin Bear and Bull Markets


RBIS, the native token behind the ArbiSmart project is still soaring, even as Bitcoin loses momentum.

RBIS, has been maintaining a consistent upward trajectory since it was launched in 2019, through both bear and bull markets, able to withstand the systematic risks of crypto volatility. The perfect hedge against the falling market, it is quietly but steadily gaining ground and the community is growing at a rapid rate. Analysts are projecting that the token will rise to forty times its current value by 2023, based on a variety of factors relating to the utility, the upcoming listing, and a series of other developments.

A Critical Hedge Against a Crashing Market

The ArbiSmart platform performs fully automated crypto arbitrage. This is an investment strategy that makes money from brief instances where, temporarily, a digital asset is available across multiple exchanges at different prices at the same time. These temporary price discrepancies can occur for all kinds of reasons, though commonly, they are the result of disparities in liquidity and trading volume between exchanges of different sizes.

Connected to 35 exchanges, which it scans simultaneously, 24/7, ArbiSmart automatically identifies price differences on hundreds of crypto assets. It then instantly buys the asset on the exchange with the lowest price before selling it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit.

As a platform user, all you need to do is register and deposit funds, then ArbiSmart’s algorithm takes over, converting your fiat and crypto into RBIS for use trading crypto arbitrage.

Since price disparities will keep emerging, with the same consistency, even if the market plummets, your crypto will not lose its value in a bear market, and you will continue to earn a steady profit.

A Source of Substantial Passive Profits

Profits from crypto arbitrage range from 10.8% to 45% a year, (0.9% to 3.75% a month), depending on the size of your investment. These profits are highly reliable since they are generated by price disparities and do not rely on exploiting crypto market volatility. As a result, you can see, in advance, precisely how much you will make over any given time frame, for your chosen deposit amount, using ArbiSmart’s yield calculator. It not only factors in crypto arbitrage yields but compound interest, as well as the current price of the RBIS token.

You can also earn passive profits by holding your capital in a locked savings account that is closed for a pre-determined period. The amount you make just for storing your funds is based on the deposit size and can reach as high as 1% a day.

Capital gains on the rising value of RBIS are another source of passive income. The coin has already gone up by 710% and with a number of new developments in the pipeline, it is on track to take off in the coming months.

A Series of Developments Driving Demand

There are a number of new RBIS utilities being added throughout the remainder of Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. These include a crypto credit card, a mobile app, a yield farming program, and an interest-bearing wallet for fiat and crypto. It is likely that with the addition of these new utilities the token value will rise, in line with increased demand.

It is worth noting that as demand rises, the RBIS supply will remain limited, permanently capped at 450 million, which should further positively impact the token price.

The RBIS token should rise even higher once RBIS is listed at the end of Q4 2021, as this should further drive demand. At that point to access any RBIS utility you will need to purchase the token on an exchange. Becoming tradable will make RBIS available to those who up to now have been unable to use the platform because it is EU regulated, as they want to remain anonymous or don’t live in a country from which the ArbiSmart project is able to accept clients.

Clearly, the RBIS token is about to see a significant jump in value. Not only is the ArbiSmart project lucrative, and reliable, offering an excellent hedge against dropping prices, but with the new utilities and the exchange listing on the horizon, the future looks very promising.

To get on board, before prices truly take off, buy RBIS now.

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