[WARNING] Issue with the Cripto InterCambio exchange : Monero

I had read several articles about Cripto Intercambio saying that it’s a 100% anonymous exchange, so I decided to try to exchange my XMR to BTC there. I made a number of transactions, and after that when I was trying to exchange 270 XMR my transaction was held!!! Here’s what I have from their support:

Post image

To finish the transaction I had to pass KYC, and even though it was required by the 3rd party exchange provider I still think it’s unfair, considering that as far as I know Cripto Intercambio claims not to have KYC. Further transactions with smaller amounts went well.

Has anybody had a similar experience? Seems that KYC is inevitable and everybody is trying to track us. It got me disappointed, but at least now I know that you can’t exchange big amounts of money with no consequences.

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