Welcoming Evan Aronson as Senior Product Manager at Aragon Labs

Welcoming Evan Aronson as Senior Product Manager at Aragon Labs


Aragon Labs is pleased to welcome Evan Aronson as Senior Product Manager. He will be responsible for product strategy, agile facilitation, and helping to grow Vocdoni into the world’s #1 voting platform.

Evan has so far spent his career in the video game industry. He has experience in launching smaller independent titles and supporting some of the world’s most successful live games with hundreds of millions of users, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Candy Crush.

Having an M.S. in Business Analytics from University of Southern California and being a Certified Scrum Product Owner, Evan’s roles have been a blend of product management and internal process management, figuring out how to “build the right product AND build it right.” He is compelled by his passion to build a culture of shared knowledge within organizations, using data analytics to better understand the customer and using agile management techniques to learn about what is and isn’t working within the team.

As an undergrad, Evan focused on game theory and behavioral economics. He was obsessed with the design of voting systems, social choice theory, and anything else to better understand how to improve how individuals and groups make decisions. Now, in joining the Vocdoni product team, he is coming full circle.

Outside of his professional career, Evan is a collector of esoteric music (“the weirder the better”), he brews his own beer, and has recently begun fermenting many other kinds of food.

We are the most politically excluded and disillusioned generation in modern times, and consequently, our democratic institutions are slipping into crisis. The Aragon and Vocdoni teams are illustrating how decentralized computing can bring us into a new era of social governance and perhaps even change what the future of democracy looks like. If we want inclusive systems for those who can’t simply pay or force their way in, we’re going to have to build them ourselves. For that, I can’t overstate the excitement I have for the opportunity to contribute.” – Evan Aronson, Senior Product Manager at Aragon Labs.

Aragon is building the future of decentralized governance for Web3 communities & organizations. Deploy a DAO on Aragon Client or Aragon Govern, manage your community on Aragon Voice, resolve disputes in Aragon Court and run enterprise-level votes on Vocdoni, all within our open-source stack. See the latest at aragon.org, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, join the conversation on Discord, or follow us on Twitter.

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