Welcoming Harry Wilson as Senior Product Marketing Manager at the Aragon Association

Welcoming Harry Wilson as Senior Product Marketing Manager at the Aragon Association


The Aragon Association is pleased to announce that Harry Wilson has been appointed as  Senior Product Marketing Manager. Harry will be co-leading the go-to-market strategy for 2022 and as the Web3 ecosystem develops, he’ll be diving into user research and use-case analysis to inform where to focus our efforts and collaborations to best enable purposeful organizations.

Harry has spent the last 10 years growing products that empower networks of people to make a purposeful impact. After beginning his career at a crowdsourcing platform where 300,000 scientists collaborate and compete to make breakthroughs on problems outside their field, Harry was hooked by the idea that open networks can be more fair, effective and fulfilling than traditional organizations. He followed this thread as Chief Product Officer for a social currency initiative that inspired 500,000 good deeds, which later evolved into a startup that crowdsourced people’s needs, concerns and rumors to help organizations such as the UN and WHO respond earlier to social crises such as Covid-19.

Beyond the startup world, Harry saw these same trends towards decentralization on a larger scale. As a strategy consultant for organizations such as Intel, working on how to enable makers in the Internet of Things, or working with BBVA on open data products for developers to build on, Harry saw that the most forward-thinking companies were seeing ‘ecosystems’ rather than markets, collaboration rather than competition, and communities rather than talent monopolies (as in Joy’s law: “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.”).

Harry has been following DAOs for several years, but this summer felt compelled to get involved:

The technology is exciting, but I really got convinced by seeing DAOs as a social movement that is reaching critical mass. There is a wave of optimistic, smart people doing as standard practice every day what was only talked about in decentralized projects before. I can’t wait to play a role in bringing Web3 mainstream, with DAOs helping this new space shape up to be socially responsible, engaging and fulfilling.” – Harry Wilson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at the Aragon Association.

Twitter: @_harrywilson
LinkedIn: Harry Wilson
Discord: harrywilson#1199

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